For vacuum cleaner, the higher its suction ability is, the higher its effectiveness will be. Vacuum cleaners with less suction power do not clean all the germs and bacteria spinning out there. Point to be noted that high suction capability does not refer to having a fiercer motor rather it depends on its pattern and design.

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Determining the Watts Vacuum Cleaner Use

The Power burning up is usually between 1500 to 3000 wattage range. A Typical small task of cleaning like corded handheld vacuums do, will need at least 300 watts to proceed.

Watt is the common assessment by which manufacturers let their customer collate among products and the power of their motors. More Watts does not indicate more suction for vacuum cleaner but it only shows how much electrical energy it will devour when it is in use.  So watts in vacuum cleaner are not marked as power output assessment instead as consumption calculation. Therefore it has a link with the suction of vacuum.

In general, Basic vacuum cleaners take 500 to 1200 watts, based on their genuine activities of the vacuum. It will be 1200 watt hours if its usage extends more than one hour.

Nevertheless, the amps can be converted into watts by applying the formula, for USA which is, amps x 120 (volts) = watts. So 1200 watts can be exchanged to 10 amps.

Comparing between amps and watts will not provide the exact scenario So it is wiser to convert both machines into watts and equate between them for calculating the power of of any vacuum cleaner.

Understanding the Power Required:

Here is a power horizon regarding how many watts you will need to maneuver the vacuum cleaner according to your need.

350-400 watts: If you don’t have hard surfaces these watts suffice your purpose. This minimum but useful watt will clean your mats and flat furniture without any trouble.

400 to 500: Recommended if you own high rugs or carpets. Can wipe out pet hairs and needles too with this power. Literally can be capable of handling large amounts of dust and germs easily.

500 or higher: The maximum power consumed by any vacuum cleaner. Intended to clean wide varieties of upholstery and high adjusted carpets. Many people get confused with watts and air inputs of vacuum cleaner. In a layman’s word, air inputs indicate the power output and watts basically shows power consumption or input powers. In our consideration, advanced motor strength is necessary to maintain expert suctioning. But this is not the solo indicator to judge a vacuum’s capability, because it may perform poorly although it has a high power motor without a proper designed vacuum.