Why Vacuum Cleaner Stopped Working?

The vacuum cleaner stopped working! Have you ever faced this situation? Well, you may face this kind of problem while using a vacuum daily.

The question is what to do if your vacuum cleaner stopped working all of a sudden? Today I’ll share how to fix the problem.

As you know, the vacuum cleaner is an electric device, and it will show problems like all other electrical devices.

Again, it is the most used device in the house every day. If the problem is not a serious one, then you can fix it by yourself.

I’ll introduce you to the types of problems you may face and the method to fix the problem. So, let’s know about the issues and solutions.

Vacuum Cleaner Problems

There are many types of problems that you may face for a vacuum cleaner when it stops working. They are:

  • vacuum cleaner burnt-out motor.
  • vacuum cleaner overheats and cuts out.
  • vacuum cleaner overheating problem.
  • vax vacuum cleaner on/off switch.

How to Fix?

These fixing ways are very general that you can perform by yourself. For this kind of problem, you don’t need to find vacuum cleaner repair near you.

So, follow the steps to solve the problems of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Check the Power Connection

Firstly, you need to check the power cord is connected or not. It is an essential part. Sometimes we forget to plug in the device.

Step 2: Check the on/off Switch

In this step, you need to check the on/off switch of your vacuum cleaner and make assure that the switch is turned on.

After turning on the button, if the vacuum cleaner won’t start, then you need to replace the switch.

You will see that sometimes your machine doesn’t remain on for a long time and that time you need to know that there may be some other problems.

Step 3: Check the Smell

After turning on the device, if you get any burning smell, then you can say that the motor has stopped working.

The wire between the motor may burn out for excessive heat. In that case, you need to change the motor, and there is no other option is available.

Some repair shops can repair the motor, but my suggestion will be the replacement of the motor.

Step 4: Check the Body Heat of the Vacuum

In this step, you should check the heat that is generated by the vacuum while working.

Most of the time, running the vacuum for a long time generates excessive heat. As a result, the motor stops working.

If it happens for overheating, then you need to cool the machine by keeping it off.

Step 5: Check all Other Parts

In this step, you need to check the filter of your vacuum and clean the filter with a clean cloth.

Again if you have a bagged vacuum, then you need to change the bag when it turns full of dust. It is essential to make sure that you are not cleaning any hard metal with your vacuum.

So, make sure there is less metal on your ground; otherwise, they may harm your vacuum and can be the cause of stooping work.

If you go to any repair shop for repairing your vacuum, then you will see how to fix a vacuum cleaner with no suction, and this is not possible for you to fix.

You need to be a professional and need to have the professional tools to fix some advanced types of problems.

Final Note

I hope that you have understood what you will do when your vacuum cleaner stop working and how you can fix it by yourself.

So, follow those steps to fix the problem, and if the issues are significant enough, then go to the nearest repair shop.