Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum-Reviews

You know Dyson is a renowned brand in the vacuum industry that always tries to produce vacuum cleaners that are reliable, durable, with new features, and the latest technology-based.

The newest Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner is no exception to this which comes with some unique latest technology to its floor care lineup, offering a scientific precision to your cleaning routine that reveals just how much dirt is on your floors. Let’s explore more what it has to offer.

Dyson V15 Features

Exclusive Laser Dust Detection Technology

The exclusive feature of the Dyson V15 Detect is the introduction of laser dust detection on the Fluffy cleaner head that helps you see microscopic dust particles that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.  

The built-in green laser on the Fluffy cleaner head illuminates dust particles in low-lit or dark-lit areas. Consequently, invisible dust particles can easily be visible to your eyes.

LCD Screen

Along with using a laser to highlight hidden dust, this Dyson V15 Detect comes with an LCD screen feature where it can display the total number of dust particles and their size which means you will get ultimate visual evidence while cleaning your home.

The laser detection compliments the addition of a piezo sensor, which is an 8mm diameter gold disc, that uses sound to count and identify microscopic dust particles as small as 10 microns in real-time.

Suction Power

This vacuum is equipped with a hyperdymium motor that spins at up to 125,000rpm and generates 230 Air Watts, which is 24% more suction power than offered by the V11 range.

Having more suction power means this vacuum is excel in sucking up ground-in dirt quickly and efficiently.

In addition, its 5-stage filtration captures 99.99% of dust particles down to 0.3 microns for a powerful deep clean. 


This appliance runs with a swappable battery built into the handle to reduce interruptions to your cleaning session.

You will get up to 60 minutes of runtime with a full charge, but it will depend on what power setting you’re using the vacuum on. 

Cleaning Options

The Dyson V15 Detect comes with three modes: Auto, Eco, and Boost with very few features that you have to decide between.

Simply press the trigger and if your Dyson V15 needs to work hard then you can use Auto and Eco modes.

On the other hand, you can use boost mode according to your needs but it may shorten the battery life.


The Dyson V15 Detect features plenty of necessary accessories such as two full-size floor heads: the new Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaner Head, and the High Torque Cleaner Head with the anti-tangle comb.

Plus it comes with a hair screw tool for pets that has tufts of bristles angled at 45 degrees.

Moreover, tools like mini-soft dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool, and stubborn dirt brush are included to tackle any cleaning job. 


  • Powerful vacuum
  • Great suction power
  • Best for deep cleaning
  • Provides up to the 60-minute run time
  • Digital display screen for displaying cleaning things (dust, particles, etc.) in real-time
  • Washable Fluffy cleaning head + High Torque cleaner head
  • Green laser light on the Fluffy head
  • Lots of accessories (mini-soft dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool, stubborn dirt brush, etc.)


  • Expensive
  • Relatively Small dust bin

 Advantages of Dyson V15 Detect

  • The main upgrade on Dyson V15 Detect is its laser dust detection feature on Fluffy brush roll that illuminates dust particles invisible to the eye 
  • Its powerful Hyperdymium motor spins at up to 125,000rpm and generates 230 Air Watts, consequently, it delivers incredible suction for deep cleaning on your floors.
  • The piezo sensor and the LCD screen shows the size and number of dust particles collected in real-time
  • A new anti-tangle hair screw keeps pet hair from getting stuck. Its bristles angled at 45 degrees and strands of pet and human hair automatically move towards the slimmer end of the tool.
  • Its several versatile attachments such as a mini-soft dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool, and stubborn dirt brush make this vacuum cleaner capable of tackling any cleaning job.  

Disadvantages of Dyson V15 Detect

  • Green laser only shows dust on hard floors, harder to see in bright daylightMust hold trigger for continual operation
  • One of the priciest models on the market, but due to its newest and upgraded technology it is worthy of money.  


Dyson v15 Detect or Shark p50 or Dyson v11 or Shark ION F80? We have discussed more than one point in this comparison article.

These four vacuums are the advanced products in Dyson and Shark vacuum manufacturers. Each vacuum offers exceptional cleansing consequences with its superior features.

Moreover, they allow the cleansing of more than one-floor type.

But, the features that separate them are the advanced features of Dyson v15 Detect.

Especially, the laser light combined with onboard particle sensors is both really cool features.

The overall cleaning performance of this vacuum is pretty impressive that will provide you flawless and fantastic cleaning experience, especially on hardwood floors and carpets.

On the other hand, Dyson v11 offers a few automated functions and convenience to its users.

These things move of their desire. Alternatively, the factor that makes the Shark p50 and Shark ION F80 facet heavier is their price range.

They are far quite low cost as compared to v11.

For this reason, frankly, we will say, if the fancy cordless vacuum is what you searching out, go for v15 or v11.

Otherwise, if powerful cleansing with a cheap price range is your priority, then p50 and F80 are supposed for you.