Complete Guideline: How to Replace My Bissell Crosswave Belt?

Usually, Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaners provide you with a decent cleaning experience. But a faulty or damaged roller belt may hamper your Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner to work properly.

In this case, rather than spending cash on a restore provider (or a new vacuum), you may fix it yourself by replacing the faulty belt with a new belt.  

But understanding when and how to replace the vacuum belt is one kind of guesswork.

If you notice that your Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner suddenly generates unusual sound and doesn’t pick up things properly from your floors then at the same time you should take a look underneath while it’s on and see whether the brush roller is spinning.

If it’s not, then you possibly have a damaged roller belt. Just take a close look and you can also see a damaged belt flopping around.

After making sure your vacuum cleaner belt is broken, you can replace it easily. Just follow our guidelines to make your Bissell Crosswave vacuum belt replacement work effortless.

Step 1

To install the new belt, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet first. Then place the handle in the low position and turn the vacuum cleaner over so the bottom side is up.

Step 2

For standard models, there will be 4 to 8 screws holding the plate on and possibly another plate that holds the roller brush in.

Remove those screws with a Phillips Head Screwdriver to remove the bottom plate on your vacuum.

Step 3

After removing the bottom plate, pull the rotating brush out and remove all hair and string. Then clean it with somewhat warm water and dry it out.

Step 4

Grasp the old Drive Belt and remove it from Motor Pulley.

After discarding the old drive belt, place the new belt by first wrapping it around the spindle that is adjusted to the motor and stretching other ends other rotating floor brushes in the space between the bristles.

Place ends of Rotating Floor Brush down into slots on sides.

Step 5

Turn the rotating floor brush by hand several times in the direction of the motor pulley. It should be a snug fit but not too tight that the belt won’t rotate.

If properly installed, the drive belt will center itself on a rotating brush.

Step 6

Reattach the bottom plate and screw or snap it back into place. Check to be sure all screws and latches are secure.

Finally, we hope the belt starts spinning and you are back in action with the satisfaction you saved some money and fix it yourself.

To replace your specific version of the Bissell Crosswave vacuum belt, you can check the price on Amazon.

Just spending a small amount you can choose and purchase your Bissell Crosswave vacuum belt from a lot of similar options.