6 Best Compact Vacuums for Your Specific Needs

When buying a vacuum cleaner, people have different ambitions in their minds.

But probably the common targets are buying a vacuum that can be operated easily with solid and stronger application and something which is not beyond budget.

The compact vacuum cleaner is such a small vacuum that can feed your tougher cleaning needs in a quicker and simpler way. 

After testing a wide range of compact vacuum cleaners with those specifications in mind, we have selected some trustworthy compact vacuums which earned great appreciation and reviews from customers as well as do their job perfectly. 

Before going through full reviews of compact vacuums here is a quick view of the best compact vacuums according to your need.

Compact Vacuum Cleaners List

Eureka NEU100 Airspeed Compact Bagless Upright – Best Overall and Lightweight

Lightweight vacuums are always in demand. What if you got an upright vacuum cleaner with a compact and bagless design with excellent suction capacity?

Eureka NEU100 is such a vacuum cleaner. Its solid structure and useful features will save your strength and you will love it from the very first use. 

Generally, a four to six amps motor is ideal for running the usual household cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has six amps which help to clean stubborn debris easily.

Moreover, this compact vacuum is attached with a broader suction nozzle of 10.5 inches, literally making the cleaning super quick. 

Although it is lightweight and measured only 7.7 lbs, it is not missing any important stuff like separate floor adjustment for hard surfaces and carpets.

It has a washable filter which is economical and can consume close to 3 liters of dirt at a time.

Overall, Eureka gives a wonderful compact vacuum cleaner with lots of benefits at a comparatively low price. 


  1. Ultra-lightweight
  2. Stronger suction
  3. budget-friendly 
  4. Rinse able filter capacity 
  5. Bigger dust pot 


  1. Shorter cod length
  2. Slightly less effective on carpet.

We have selected this compact vacuum as the best overall compact vacuum considering its all-around working capability of the floor, carpet, and pet hair with an incredible price rate. 

BISSELL Aeroswift Compact Vacuum– Best Budget-friendly and for Best for Apartment

Bissell is always a trustworthy name in the world of vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner is a compact combination of exclusive features.

Plus, if you care about pets, not only yours but also all those who need them, this particular compact vacuum will help the pet foundation take care of them.

One of the unique sides of this compact vacuum is it has scatter-free technology, which reduces sprinkles over hard floors.

Likewise, for every quality Bissell vacuum cleaner, this compact upright vacuum has come along with a wide range of accessories and tools for various types of needs, from cleaning stairs to reaching harder areas.

Although it is corded, you don’t have to unplug it every now and then as you are receiving a pretty long 30 feet cord.

Due to its appropriate height adjustment facilities, you can maneuver it on any type of carpets and hard floor. 

One major blow of this compact vacuum cleaner is it lacks HEPA filtration.

Also, you will find many parts are plastic made which sometimes are problematic to some customers.

Having said that, its cyclonic technology covered these shortcomings and proved to be a powerful vacuum cleaner for your home cleaning.


  1. Built-in cyclonic technology 
  2. Suitable height adjustment
  3. Easy storing capacity 
  4. Strong suction 
  5. Less expensive
  6. Lightweight


  1. Lacks Swivel steering
  2. No HEPA filtration 

Overall, we have picked this compact vacuum as the best budget-friendly compact vacuum cleaner for pet and apartment owners.    

Hoover FH50700 PowerDash Pet – Best for Pet owners and carpet

People often complain about vacuum cleaners’ ability to adjust in congested areas. This Hoover PowerDash is such a vacuum that can solve this problem. 

To clean a heavy mess in these small and congested places you need a powerful vacuum cleaner. But the irony is usually the more powerful a vacuum cleaner is the more space it takes to conduct the operation.  

Pet owners must try this amazing compact vacuum cleaner if they care to ensure a healthy and disease-free environment in the house. 

Its anti-germ protection saves you from the attack of bacteria and protects your house from being a breeding place for insects. 

This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and can be operated easily. It also saves time by applying HeatForce Technology which can help dry carpets quicker.

The dual tank system is also a unique innovation and saves water from getting dirty. 

However, the most exciting feature of this compact vacuum cleaner, I think is its extreme cleaning power which is almost twice that of other compact and lightweight vacuum cleaners. 


  1. Easy storing
  2. Super pet friendly
  3. Anti germ technology 
  4. Lightweight 
  5. Clean carpets 


  1. Not suitable for larger areas. 

Overall, the Hoover PowerDash Pet compact is highly recommendable for pet owners.


Makita XLC02R1B – Best Compact Vacuum for Elderly People, Ultra lightweight, and Small

The combination of a cordless vacuum with a compact design poses a relief for users as these items are easy to operate.

Makita XLC02R1B Compact brings you super cool features to reduce your hassle to a great extent while vacuuming. 

One of the crucial things you need to check while picking a cordless vacuum is its battery capacity and voltage.

Because these are the indicators of a powerful maneuver. MAKITA has featured this compact vacuum with 2 amperes per hour lithium-Ion battery which is incomparable.

Plus, despite its lightweight design, it can cover 46 cubic feet per minute (CFM). 

Along with those impressive features, this small compact vacuum ensures higher suction with a minimum level of noise.

Extensions related to floor nozzles can provide perfect cleaning for various hard-to-reach areas. The ergonomic design has added extra value to this vacuum cleaner. 


  1. Stronger suction
  2. Ultra-lightweight 
  3. Charger indicator
  4. Powerful battery
  5. Standard runtime.
  6. Easy emptying garbage can.


  1. Removal of battery for charging. Many consumers find it awkward.

We think this Makita XLC02R1B compact vacuum is a perfect choice for elderly people with its easy maneuvering and ultra-lightweight design.

Miele Compact C1 Powerline– Best for Floor, Carpet, and Area Rugs

This Miele Compact C1 canister vacuum is an outstanding vacuum cleaner with super-strong suction capability.

It has 1200 watts which indicate infinite power to eliminate all sorts of dirt from your house. Besides, a larger garbage pot will allow more debris at a time.

This German-made compact vacuum cleaner will rarely fade its power and sucks nonstop!

 Furthermore, You are getting a unique suction control mechanism with this compact vacuum, which actually will adjust appropriate settings for different surface types.

Perfect accessories like crevice tools, upholstery, etc., fit suitably to clean hard-to-reach areas in your home. 

Although the compact vacuum is a bit heavier and measured 14 lbs, its strongest suction has made this vacuum cleaner very popular and demanding and best for wood floors.

Sealed air cleaning blocks all the possible energy attacks and cleans the room environment perfectly. 


  1. Sealed air cleaning technology
  2. Strongest suction capacity
  3. Larger Garbage can


  1. Shorter Cord.
  2. Not perfect for cleaning carpets.

Overall, this Miele Compact C1 is easily transportable and best for dealing with any type of floor, carpet, and area rugs.

Dyson DC50 Animal – Best for Floors and Pet hair

Pet owners easily understand the specialty of an animal vacuum cleaner. Dyson DC50 Animal compact upright vacuum is also a distinct machine with excellent pet-friendly nature.

As it is corded, you don’t have to wait for the charging and can start vacuuming any time.

Although this vacuum cleaner is targeted for maneuvering small areas with its standard 25 feet cord; its super adjustment facilities with multi-floor types is price worthy.

You can switch from one adjustment to another very easily. With its powerful cyclonic feature, it is impossible for hidden dirt and bacteria to stay at your home after vacuuming. 

This vacuum is also equipped with the latest innovations like ball technology and turns according to needs while cleaning.

So, it is really convenient to clean tiny and narrow areas with this bagless compact vacuum.

Also, you are saving money as you don’t have to buy dust bags, but remember you have to empty it very often because the dust carrier is relatively smaller. 


  1. Multi-floor operation
  2. Pet friendly
  3. Cyclonic feature.
  4. Ultra-lightweight.
  5. Easy switching from one adjustment to another
  6. 5 years warranty of parts


  1. Smaller dust can
  2. Shorter cord

We think this Dyson compact vacuum is ideal for a living house that is not very large, especially for apartments or small houses, and best for cleaning multiple surfaces like hard floors and carpets and tiles, and pet hair.  

Compact Vacuums Related Questions:

Do all of these compact vacuums have HEPA filtration?  

First of all, a compact vacuum is a solid pack of precise features in a relatively smaller and lighter vacuum cleaner.

So you may find HEPA filtration in some of them, but alternatively, you will find anti-germ technology-supported compact vacuums and sealed air cleaning applications.

How quiet are compact vacuum cleaners?

They definitively produce lower levels of noise than the giant vacuum cleaners. However, some cordless compact vacuums have louder noise issues.

Is the suction quality of compact vacuums good?

The suction quality of compact vacuum cleaners is absolutely fit in terms of their mode of operation.

Both corded and cordless compact vacuums have powerful suction mechanisms and are able to pick dirt easily.

Particularly in cordless compact vacuum cleaners, you will find 6-8 amperes with 18 -29 volts combinations which are impressive enough!

How different compact vacuum cleaners are than others?

Compact vacuum cleaners indicate those vacuums which are strong but small. Therefore important aspects of an effective vacuum cleaner will be present there at the same time the user will get the ease of use of the machine.

 Final Note:

In the end, if you have a tinier space but full of awkward messes and you want to give it a totally clean, you definitely pick a compact vacuum.

Compact vacuums are available in both upright and canister or corded and cordless formation.

See the recommendations we provided at the beginning of this article to differentiate compact vacuum cleaners according to your specific needs. 

All six of the compact vacuums we have listed here are unique and have a distinguished value. Grab the best one for you and sweep dirt from your home effortlessly.