My Bissell CrossWave Brush Not Spinning: How to Fix It?

Like other vacuum cleaners, your Bissell vacuum cleaner sweeps your floors to remove dirt and dust from your floors such as hardwood floors, tile floors, carpets, etc.

In your vacuum cleaner what plays the main role to clean your floors is its brush roll; it agitates the carpet to clean dirt from deep into the carpet.

There exists a brush belt that transfers its motion to spin the brush bar. Sometimes due to faulty or severely broken brush belt hampers to spin your vacuum brush bar.

Besides this reason, there may have many reasons why your Bissell CrossWave brush rolls not spinning.

Your machine will let you know there’s a problem with the brush roll by showing three solid red lights.

So, if your CrossWave® Cordless Brush Bar doesn’t spin, it’s likely there is an obstruction, but don’t take stress, we’re here to help you.

Step 1

Unplug your Bissell CrossWave vacuum cleaner or turn it OFF by pushing the hard floor button, the red lights should turn off.  

Step 2

The next workshop is on the handle where you have to release the lever on the lower left side of your Bissell Crosswave Vacuum.

Then beneath the handle to your floor and turn your vacuum cleaner over where the underside of your vacuum cleaner head is in facing up position.

Step 3

Remove the entry plate on the lowest of the cleansing head. The Bissell version you have will determine how the plate ought to be removed.

Suppose, if your Bissell CrossWave cleaner head access plate has a screw then you can use a Phillips head screwdriver.

Otherwise, if your Bissell version access plate is held on by plastic, depress the clips simply on either side of the plate. After removing the plate, set it aside.

Step 4

In this step, you have to pull the brush roll and remove the antique belt if it’s far still wrapped around the brush roll.

Then remove the belt from the motor shaft at the left side of the cleaning head.

Step 5

Check out the intake outlet on the right side of the cleaning head to ensure it isn’t clogged with dirt and other particles. 

You need to clean the outlet in case you find hair wrap or large debris that was causing the machine to stop working.

In addition, check the ends of brush rolls and brush gear for hair or debris.

Step 6

Right place the new belt around the motor shaft and also loop the belt around the brush roll. Then on both sides of the cleaning head, replace the brush roll into the slots.

Carefully rotate the brush roll in which slot of your Bissell Crosswave head the brush roll is located.

To make sure of a smooth rotation and successful belt replacement, turn the brush roll with your hand.

Step 7

Finally, replace the cleaning head access plate. Plus using a Phillips-head screwdriver, turn the screws to relocate the plate into the right place.

Ultimately your CrossWave® Cordless is free of any obstruction; you can get back to cleaning!