4 Best Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews [Corded also]

Although MOOSOO is relatively a newcomer in the vacuum cleaner world, it has produced some amazing cordless vacuum cleaners with the latest technology and creative design.

Both Cordless and Corded Stick vacuums are being manufactured by MOOSOO but they emphasize more on cordless vacuum cleaners for their portability and easy maneuvering.

Since 2017, MOOSOO has made its distinctive mark on the bigger cordless vacuum markets of the USA and Europe.

Providing the best quality product under the best budget is one of the main characteristics of MOOSOO vacuum cleaners.

MOOSOO is targeting to be one of the topmost home cleaning appliance service providers in the world.

In this article we have made a discernable review of MOOSOO cordless and corded stick vacuums to assist you to pick the best suitable product for your home cleaning. 

Best Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Shortlist

In a hurry? Don’t have much time to go through all Moosoo cordless vacuum cleaners reviews? Check our shortlist for your need.

Best Corded: MOOSOO 4 in 1 Cordless stick Vacuum

Best Cordless: MOOSOO Corded stick vacuum, D601

Best Design: MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum 12KPa Cordless

Best Budget-friendly: MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded 17KPa Suction Stick Vacuum


MOOSOO 4 in 1 Powerful Suction XL-618A

Moosoo 4 in 1 vacuum

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum XL-618A is an exceptionally powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with 4 times higher suction capacity as the name suggests.

Its 120 air watts ensure the whole house vacuuming regardless of the varieties of the needs of users.

Due to its ultra lightness which measures less than 4 lbs, this cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver and furnished with necessary utilities.

This cordless vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filtration system with cyclonic features. It is capable of cleaning and eradicating almost each and every dirt particle from the surface.

Additionally, the HEPA filter attached is split-table and can be washed properly. Ideally, one washing is enough for 30 days.

Another crucial feature of this MOOSOO cordless vacuum cleaner is its powerful 2200 mAh battery which takes five hours to be charged fully.

Its flexible head angle is very convenient to reach every cranny and pick dirt effortlessly. It has a longer battery runtime of more than 37 minutes which is very demanding. 

Furthermore LED searchlights will help you to locate hidden debris.

Almost every important extension is provided with this particular model of MOOSOO cordless vacuum. The perfectly designed gentle bristles and motorized mini brush are equally applicable to both floor and hardwood.

This cordless vacuum is also very convenient to pet owners and its swivel steering is technically made this moosoo cordless vacuum cleaner desirable by all. 


  • Pet friendly
  • Stronger Suction
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Swivel steering
  • Versatile and applicable to any surface
  • Less Audible noise
  • LED searchlight
  • Handy storage


  • Relatively smaller dust carrier.

This MOOSOO Cordless stick Vacuum XL-618A is multi usable and recommended for pet owners and to those houses having too much furniture and hard floors. Although it goes perfectly well at carpets too!

MOOSOO 2 in 1 brushless motor vacuum

moosoo 2 in 1 vacuum

One of the most dynamic and handy cordless vacuums brought by MOOSOO is this 2 in one Cordless Stick Vacuum which has impressive suction power of 17 kilo-pascal pressure.

This is a rare and highly effective feature for an ultra-lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner which is measured less than 3 lbs. It has equal skillfulness to almost every surface like hardwood, tile, and carpet.

This cordless vacuum cleaner has an LED floor head with a motorized function to pick dirt from hard-to-reach areas and is usable for cleaning upholstery, cars, sofa without causing any harm to them.

Easily transportable and can be transformed into handheld form to clean specific needs. 

Furthermore, MOOSOO 2 in one Cordless Stick Vacuum has a longer collapsible hose which ensures cleaning more sophistically at crannies and below the furniture.

Another attraction is its high-powered 200 watts brushless motor which can work better in some cases than a brushed motor due to its less fractional structure. 

There is one adjustable battery with this vacuum, and it needs almost 4 hours to be charged fully and provides an ideal runtime of slightly more than 30 minutes.

Comparing all the benefits, this stick vacuum is exclusively low priced than other on-demand vacuums.

Additionally, its four staged HEPA filter is just superb and washable for reusing which can be a perfect picking for allergy patients. 


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • HEPA filtration
  • Pet friendly 
  • Standard battery runtime
  • Dual-mode square brush
  • Detachable battery
  • Stronger Suction
  • Less expensive


  • Lack of sealed filtration  system

This 2 in 1 cordless vacuum is the best budget-friendly vacuum that can take all overcharges in your house. 

MOOSOO H13 Ultra Lightweight and Portable

This is one of the amazing Cordless Stick vacuums which is lightweight at the same time has mind-blowing capacities and features.

The uniqueness lies in MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum H13 is, in comparison to other similar products is, its capability of preserving electricity and powerful suction by the airflow of  90 watts.

Moreover, the longer-lasting battery runtime and adaptable length are technically very helpful for cleaning all around the house with very ease.

It is designed with two geared motors that can convert from 8kpa to 13 kpa without any hassle and provide quality cleaning according to the various needs of the user.

As the name suggests, this product is very light weighted, measuring only 2 lbs. Therefore it is an ideal pick for carrying it even outside of the home if necessary.

Additionally, its collapsible structure has made it more attractive for comfortable cleaning. It produces very less noise, so ideal for kids living in houses. 

This cordless vacuum has a multi-leveled and highly effective HEPA filtration system that can eradicate almost every dirt particle from your house.

Nevertheless, you need to replace the filter every 45 to 50 days for sustainability and longer use. It is equipped with all necessary extensions and is applicable to multi-floor surfaces.  


  • Convenient design and easy to maneuver.
  • Powers transformation according to cleaning needs. 
  • Super lightweight
  • Portable 
  • Multi angled floor brushing
  • HEPA filtration


  • Not pet friendly
  • Less effective to deal with stubborn debris

This cordless vacuum is ideal for carrying purposes and for cleaning short spaces sophistically. As it produces less noise, ideal for kids living houses too.

This vacuum of Moosoo is also great for seniors or elderly people.

MOOSOO 2 in one – Brushless Motor inside

This product is another eye-popping cordless stick vacuum brought to you by MOOSOO which has stronger suction capabilities of up to 17 kilopascal. 

Ultra-lightweight body of fewer than 3 lbs is quite favorable to operate vacuuming anywhere.

This 2in one brushless cordless stick vacuum is well designed with dual power mode to provide you with constant suction without any interruption.

Furthermore, this machine has tinier crevice nozzles to clean narrow spaces and a two-fold square brush for cleaning upholstery.

This vacuum is very easy to use and conveniently located on all buttons. Due to its stronger motor functions, it is very effective to pick all sorts of dirt from any kind of surface effortlessly.

This brushless cordless stick vacuum has created very less sound, close to 65 decibels which is surprisingly quieter and has added a unique value to this particular product of MOOSOO.

Likewise other similar products of MOOSOO, it also takes almost 240 minutes to be charged fully and has an ideal runtime of 31 minutes or more.

However, it can provide the strongest power to eradicate for 14 to 15 minutes while vacuuming in Max Mode. 

Additionally, this handheld vacuum is furnished with completely sealed and multi-staged HEPA filtration to prevent the possible threat of allergy and give you fresh clean air.

Its free-styled swivel steering will help you to reach each and every corner of the house comfortably. 


  • Powerful Battery
  • Rotatable steering and overall structure.
  • Can be transformed into a handheld.
  •  LED floor head
  •  Detachable Battery
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Less noisy


  • Difficulties in picking petty debris
  • Not pet friendly 

This cordless vacuum is recommended if you have a bigger-sized house and lots of furniture there. As it has a longer runtime and exclusive crevice nozzle, it can take care of them very well. 

Why Should You Buy MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

MOOSOO cordless vacuum cleaner can be your best home appliance that could do multitask and take care of all your cleaning needs.

Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners have more than half an hour battery runtime to provide you nonstop cleaning every time.

Moreover, these moosoo vacuums are sealed and have multilayered HEPA filtration to take care of your health.

Another reason, you must consider buying MOOSOO cordless vacuum is its ultra-lightweight measurement.

MOOSOO has large varieties of cordless vacuum cleaners measured from 2 lbs to 7 lbs, which are very comfortable and provide you with effortless cleaning. 

MOOSOO cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with all the basic extensions and wands to clean effectively and all of them can be converted into handheld vacuums easily. 


MOOSOO Corded Vacuum Cleaners Review:

MOOSOO Corded 17KPa Suction Stick Vacuum, D600

Although many stick vacuums are cordless, there are some of the superbly configured corded vacuums like MOOSOO corded stick vacuum D600 which has a more substantial suction power of 17 kilopascal.

This vacuum is particularly designed for hard floors like hardwood, tile, and marble and is slightly unusual for operating in carpets. 

Likewise the cordless vacuum of MOOSOO this corded vacuum cleaner is also very lightweight, assessed less than 3 lbs.

It is finely fitted with a multi-staged and completely sealed HEPA filtration system. It is advised to wash and rinse the filter at a regular interval to get the long-lasting effects of the machine.

Nevertheless its lightness you will receive quality output from this MOOSOO corded D600 as it has adequate tools and accessories attached to fill your specific needs.

It has an almost 22 miter feet power cord joined with 30 inches long elastic length. It is assumable that with 500 motor watts it can be very effective to deal with stubborn debris.

It has a standard size dust cup and a bagless design which is very cushy to empty any time Also features wall mount docking to save you from unnecessary hassle to install it.

Additionally, it has convertible brush head and crevice tools to apply on versatile needs, i.e. Sofa, car, cushion, etc.


  • Sealed HEPA filtration
  • Larger dust cup
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible extension tube.
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy maneuvering  


  • Tricky for left-handed people.
  • Absence of bristle roller.

This corded vacuum cleaner is a very good pick for operating on hard floors. 

MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum with Swivel Steering, D601

MOOSOO D601 is a well compacted corded vacuum furnished with swivel steering and powerful suction capabilities.

This corded vacuum cleaner is exclusively built up for hard floors, pet needles, and any time of stubborn debris.

Adequately functioned with 500 motor watts to keep the overall process smoother and uninterrupted.  

Furthermore, to remove the hassle of charging and waiting for its readiness, this corded vacuum is an instant solution for your cleaning needs at any time with more effectiveness and flexibility.

It has a relatively larger dust post that can contain 1.2 liters of dust at a time; which is really impressive.

Besides its one-touch emptying technology will provide you with a safer and more hygienic experience of cleaning dust.

This corded vacuum is also furnished with 4 layered advanced HEPA filtration to provide you ultimate clean and fresh air.

You need to replace the HEPA filter every 3 months. Also, it is advised to wash it every 10 days for better results.

Besides, an LED motorized cleaning head will help you to find hidden dirt stays at crannies and corners.

This MOOSOO D601 is measured less than 8 lbs, therefore, it is a lightweight corded stick vacuum; moreover, its 270 degrees round swivel steering in sideways and up-downs will ensure cleaning in an effortless manner.

With handheld attachments, this stick vacuum can be easily maneuvered on sofa, furniture, car, and stairs.


  • Stronger Suction Capacity.
  • Swivel steering 
  • LED headlights
  • Pet friendly 
  • Larger dust pot
  • Hygienic emptying the dustbin
  • Adjustable Cord length


  • Less effective to deal with larger debris

This corded stick vacuum is highly recommended for pet owners. 

MOOSOO 2 in one Corded Stick Vacuum, D600

This corded vacuum cleaner of MOOSOO is a high-powered vacuum where it has 500 motor watts. MOOSOO D600 is one of the most exclusive lightweight corded vacuums in the market with a list full of utilities.

This particular vacuum is well suited for cleaning hard floors. Due to its lightness, it can easily apply to meet versatile needs from floor to ceiling. 

It has a transformable tube that can be starched from 18 to 30 inches which will provide you with an all-around solution for cleaning at your house.

Advanced blocked HEPA filtration systems have added a supernumerary appreciation to this particular product.

With its handy attachment, this stick vacuum can be turned into a handheld vacuum at any time.

Additionally, its perfectly designed rotated technology provides comfortable cleaning underneath the bed and furniture. You will receive a supplementary brush to clean your sofa with this vacuum.

It is measured less than 4 lbs and has a bagless design. Nevertheless, it has a relatively shorter dust pot.

On the other hand, it can clean with a way faster mode than other similar products, therefore you need to empty your dust carrier very often. Skilled at picking human and pet hair and never tangles with hairs.


  • Lightweight.
  • Telescopic wand and extensions. 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lesser noise
  • HEPA filtration
  • Adjustable cord length


  • Less suction power on the carpet. 
  • Smaller dustbin

This corded vacuum is ideal for people having hard floors more than carpet and rugs in their house. 

Why should you buy MOOSOO Corded Vacuum Cleaner?

MOOSOO corded vacuum cleaners are prepared with the best possible aspects and can fulfill your ultimate cleaning needs.

These corded vacuums are very flexible and easy to maneuver. Almost all MOOSOO corded vacuums have larger dustbins to ensure pleasant cleaning without altering the dust carrier frequently. 

Additionally MOOSOO corded vacuums have LED searchlight options to help you to find hidden debris that stays under the furniture and other similar places

. It also has swivel steering which can be bent according to your cleaning demand. 

MOOSOO corded vacuum cleaners are budget-friendly but committed to providing you with all the crucial tools with great effectiveness.

Besides most of the vacuums have washable HEPA filters. Besides, the cords are adequately adjustable to be the best-corded vacuum you want to buy.

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaners Tools and Accessories:

Let’s check out some unique and exciting accessories of MOOSOO:


This particular filtration is highly configured and able to clean 99.99 particles of dirt. It provides fresh and clean air. It is designed with a very light shape and better productivity.

Pet Grooming Brush:

The Pet grooming brush of MOOSOO is clearly a groundbreaking invention and strongly recommended for pet owners.

Motorized LED brush:

This feature enables locating hidden dirt and removes them easily by using the pressure produced by a motorized brush.

Twin one Cleaning Brush:

This dual-mode cleaning brush is a very handy and useful tool to operate a deep cleaning on your floor. This hard roller keeps the brush straight and gives the best possible outcome. 

You may find plenty of exciting accessories and can get in at the most reasonable price from here. 

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Warranty

MOOSOO has a fair policy for refunding and providing guarantees of tackling unexpected or unlikely events.

All the vacuums including cordless and corded vacuum cleaners have full two-year warranty validation from the buying date. In case of careless using or modifying any parts; the warranty will not be effective.

On the other hand, if the vacuum cleaner has any built-in defect it can be refunded within 30 days.

However, the warranty is valid only in the United States. For more detailed information regarding the warranty policy, pay a visit here

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Questions

Q: Where do MOOSOO vacuum cleaners manufacture?  

A: MOOSOO vacuum cleaners are made under MOOSOO corporation which is situated in Kent, WA, United States. MOOSOO is working together with the Candy Manufacturing industry as well. 

Q: Does the MOOSOO vacuum cleaner stand by itself?

A: Most MOOSOO vacuum cleaners are cordless and it does not have a self-standing focus due to their battery replacement location.

It’s on top of the vacuum but these vacuum cleaners are ultra-lightweight and easily transportable.  

Q: How long does it need to be charged fully for MOOSOO Cordless vacuum cleaner?

A: Ideally it is sufficient to keep your MOOSOO cordless vacuum cleaner plugged in for 4-5 hours to get the highest battery runtime. 

Does the MOOSOO cordless vacuum cleaner come with the charger?

Yes, it does come with the adapter and full plug-in instruments. It is equipped with wall docking so you just need to plug one end to the cordless vacuum and the other into the wall.

Is MOOSOO vacuum heavy for ladies and elderly people?

Not at all, MOOSOO vacuums are sophistically designed and measured lightweight. This makes the vacuum ideal for both males and females and for senior citizens too.

MOOSOO has a 2 lbs vacuum cleaner too!

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Customer Support

MOOSOO cares for its customers and values their opinion to a great extent. If you notice any anomalies you can contact directly with them.

They are very responsive. Also, you can email them by writing your relevant questions of their cordless and corded vacuum cleaner.

Official Website of MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner

You may visit MOOSOO’s website for getting the latest update about the versatile products and different worthful information regarding the cordless and corded vacuum cleaner.

Also, you can discover a wide range of contents reviews and analyses about the best home appliance products worldwide.
MOOSOO Website: https://imoosoo.com

Final Note

MOOSOO has brought some outstanding and upgraded Stick vacuum cleaners; both in cordless and corded versions.

Although cordless ones are more innovative and getting popularity rapidly, corded vacuum cleaners are slightly more powerful than their counterpart.  

After reviewing closely the above depicted seven stick vacuum cleaners of MOOSOO it can be said that these vacuums are great picking to get the quality product within a reasonable price.

In our consideration,  the best product we reviewed in this article is MOOSOO Cordless stick Vacuum XL-618A which is able to perform multitasking and is highly recommended for pet owners and those houses having too much furniture and hard floors.

This cordless vacuum cleaner can perform well even on carpets.

On the other hand, if you want to have a corded stick vacuum cleaner we can suggest you select MOOSOO Corded stick vacuum, D601 which is configured with all the cleaning requirements you have.