Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review [Absolute, Animal, Motor Head]

Although People always look for the latest items, sometimes classy products like the Dyson V7 Cordless Stick vacuum always hold their uniqueness and have a demand for valued customers.

In general, Dyson’s vacuums are way more powerful than other brands. Dyson has brought four versions of the V7 model. They are Absolute, Animal, Motorhead, and HEPA.

We chose Motorhead and Animal versions to review but to be frank, there is very little difference among them.  

Also, in our decisive review, we have found some amazing features of the Dyson V7 Stick vacuum, which has not been replaced by any other VACUUM yet.

Due to its lightweight, it can transport easily around the house and apply to tough areas to tackle stubborn debris.

It is compacted with a full bunch of useful accessories with good design and dimensions. 

Dyson V7 Cordless vacuums at a glance:

Among the four vacuums, Dyson V7 cordless stick Animal and Dyson V7 cordless stick Motorhead is widely popular due to their strong suction capability and flexibility have still remained popular in the market.

Furthermore, we could tell you about the other two versions, and their significant features at the end of this review article.  

Among the V series products of Dyson V7 is technically more sophisticated than its close counterparts like V6 and V8.

As it has less audible noise and accurate structure. Equipped with transformation capacity to handheld anytime and ultra stronger suction has added a positive specific value.

Also, its pet-friendly tools and standard dust container are praiseworthy.

This vacuum has enough runtime to cover the whole house with minimum charging, as it can be operated up to 32 minutes by only three and half-hour charging time.

This machine is very convenient to use as switches and buttons are ideally located.

It has a dual-mode floor head which has made it more effective. The only obvious limitation we found in our research is that this product is relatively expensive.

But to get a full polished vacuum with quality services, the price is reasonable, in our judgment. 

Configuration of Dyson V7:

We already mentioned that Dyson V7 cordless vacuum has an indifferent style and perfectly designed structure.

It has an upgraded bagless dust carrier where it can load almost 0.55-liter dirt. Besides, its safer and hygiene dustbin emptying capacity will let you maneuver it without any hassle. 

The power mode button is situated in the uppermost area on the handle. Empowered with both low and high mode and users need to press the power button to start the cleaning process.

The battery runtime signal is displayed on the top of the machine. During the high or max period, it can serve more than six minutes with incomparable speed and effectiveness. 

Now let’s contrast all the four versions of the Dyson V7 cordless stick vacuum: all four versions have Motorhead and direct-drive cleaning head attached.

Similarly, All are equipped with dual power mode and necessary accessories connected. The animal version and HEPA version are furnished with HEPA filtration whereas the others are not. 

Cleaning Specifications:

It undoubtedly provides stronger suction as it is furnished with a powerful motor and 100 air watts suction strength.

Therefore it renders cleaning in-depth and effortless dirt picking. Two staged cyclonic filtrations of this Dyson V7 Cordless vacuum assist directly to pick debris satisfactorily and recycle it pleasantly enough. 

Furthermore, its reversible twin one design will allow it to transform quickly into a handheld vacuum. The wider cleaning path is very helpful for effortless cleaning. 

Size and Measurement:

The Dyson V7 Stick vacuum has a length of 49 inches, whereas it is 8.2’’ inch high and 9.8’’ broad.

This machine weighs less than 6 lbs in its Motorhead version, whereas in the animal version, it is weighted less than 12 lbs. Other versions are also lightweight. 

Tools and Extensions:

The distinctiveness of the V7 Stick vacuum in comparison to other V series models of Dyson lies in its lightweight, easy maneuverability, and impressive suction capacity. 

This machine has come along with perfect and suitable accessories according to the versatile needs of the user.

It has a direct drive cleaner head which is eligible to provide the best cleaning both on the carpet and hard floors.

Wonderful compounding of stable carbon and effective nylon has made the motor-driven brush more productive to pick various sized dirt from the surface.  

The small motorized brush attached is capable of eradicating strong trashes from the stairs or similar places like this.

This brush is equally effective for picking pet dirt as well — some useful unpowered tools like crevice tools where it has specifications to clean quicker and smoother. 

Moreover, its soft dusting brush is handy to clean bookshelf, keyboards, and similar items. 

This product is also enriched with hassle-free charging kits, mount docking facilities, and some very necessary basic combo tools.

All these tools can be cropped even in handheld transformation.


  • Adequate battery runtime.
  • Easy maneuvering 
  • All necessary extensions are attached.
  • Upgraded Suction power.
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • Pet friendly 
  • Collapsible feature 


  • Little bit expensive 
  • Less effective to deal with bigger debris

Dyson V7 Compatibility:

Dyson V7 Cordless stick vacuum has very easy and handy methods to use it. We will discuss elaborately each process from box opening to prepare it to perform perfectly.

First, you need to plug in the machine for up to 3.5 to 4 hours to get 32 minutes of uninterrupted performance.

Then you have to pick which extension you are going to attach according to your specific needs.

Next, you have to just push the buttons to choose which function you require now. You can swap without any trouble between cleaning tools.

As this machine has no particular power button, the motor trigger technically does this job. Once the trigger is released, it turns off. 

There is dual-mode according to the force applied, If you need deep cleaning and have trouble with strong debris it is recommended to switch max mode, where it will provide you with a highly muscular 7 minutes or higher to take charge accurately.

On the other hand in normal mode, it can perform 32 minutes smoothly. 

Maintenance of Dyson V7:

Any electronic machine needs proper maintenance and authentic maneuver. Dyson V7 Animal and Dyson V7 Motorhead are not exceptions.

They both need some sound efforts to keep their sustainability and long-lasting use. We are going to mention a few basic steps of maintaining these two vacuum cleaners:

First, the built-in main filter needs to be cleaned every 20/25 days with cool water and let it dry well then reuse it.

Although the installed filter is very competent and has lifetime longevity, it is recommended to clean it on a regular basis for receiving the best output.

Second, you have to take good care of your battery. Recharge it properly and follow complete instructions.

Having said that, the battery installed in the Dyson V7 series does not need any extra caution because of its ultra-smooth utilities. But if your battery dies, you need to replace it, but that is not a worry. 

Third, If your particular Dyson V7 does not have HEPA filters you have to depend on your central filtration.

Otherwise, you need to rinse HEPA filters every now and then. HEPA filters also have a longer-lasting lifespan. 

Noise Specification

All four versions of Dyson V7 cordless stick vacuums have better audible noise than their previous and latest models.

It can be rendered as a similar sound producer like during city traffic, which is slightly less than 70 decibels and relatively quieter.

This machine can spin more than 119,000 times according to its rpm value which is real mightier, and with great suction, 70 dB noise is really impressive. 

Battery life and plugin issues:

Both Dyson V7 Animal and Dyson V7 mororhead has strong battery specification and standard runtime.

Generally, an ideal small-sized apartment needs 23 minutes more or less to operate in the whole house whereas the Dysons V7 series can perform at least 32 minutes.

Besides during max or high mode it can provide ultra-smart and smoothest cleaning for up to 7/8 minutes which is really very effective to tackle stubborn debris.

The pre-installed battery takes three and half hours (3.5) to get fully charged. You can hang it on the wall or you can set it in the wall dock during charging.

All the Dysons V7 stick vacuums have a powerful 2100 mAh battery which is huge and in great form to run all the utilities of the machine.   

Dyson V7 Warranty :

Dyson V7 cordless stick Animal and Dyson V7 cordless stick Motorhead have two years primary warranty 

Dyson V7 Price:

Dyson V7 cordless vacuums are obviously less expensive in comparison to Dyson’s latest models.

But regarding performance and productivity, Dyson V7 is equivalent to deserve more cost.

It is a compacted vacuum with all necessary equipment and features to take good care of the whole house including stairs and pet hairs.

We found it is completely worth it in terms of cost. We strongly recommend if you want to get quality products on a relatively short budget.  

Best Fitted Audience

Although Dyson V7 Animal and Motorhead Vacuums are excellent and desired by all, we are here have categorized some most suitable audience who should buy this machine:

For Elderly and Women:

As all four versions, particularly Motorhead are ultra-lightweight, we think this will be an intelligent choice for women and older adults who are going to operate it. 

Medium/Big House owner:

If you own a relatively bigger house, then you can consider buying Dyson’s V7 vacuum as it has extended battery runtime for up to 32 minutes and takes good care of the whole house. 

Need quality Product:

This vacuum could be an ideal choice for you if you prefer quality over cost.

Because this vacuum will offer you powerful and latest features within a very logical price range.

On the other hand, you may find a comparatively low-priced item on the market, buy Dyson’s V7 cordless stick vacuums are worth buying without any doubt.


Although several latest models have come out after Dyson’s V7 cordless stick Animal and V7 cordless stick Motorhead, these models are still desirable and popular in the market because of their versatility and handy usage.

Due to its improved suction capability, pet friendliness, and lightness it’s one most popular products on the run.